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Thai photographer, Wuthipol Ujathammarat, notices the insignificantly strange and outdated details of exterior tilework that is blanketed upon numerous urban structures in districts of Taipei. The intention behind his handcrafted photographic pamphlet 'Cover Up’ is to resurrect the forgotten charm and danger that beautify this chaotic metropolitan with a disconsolate aesthetic through persistent crafting of mosaic tiles.

An excessive use of tiles on urban structures is believed to reason more with a functional matter than being a decorative. Taipei often experiences high humidity from the wet weather, these exterior tiles help to seal off the entire buildings to keep the moisture out. This sequentially prevents certain damages caused by fungus that otherwise breaks easily through cement and paint.

Its durability aside, there has been plenty of unfortunate incidents that concern public safety. The falling of mosaic tiles from exterior walls and facades is now a life threatening hazard to all pedestrians travelling below. Net cages, what appears to be a temporary solution, are now installed and added on to buildings to prevent the fallen tiles from causing further injuries and damages. Yet the questions on safety measure still remains. How can Taiwan preserve these charming exterior tilework and at once make pedestrian walkway safe again.

'Cover Up’ is a visual reflection on potential dangers that are hidden within the charm of exterior architectural structures. Stunning as they are, these mosaic tiles on countless of buildings handed the photographer his first impression of Taipei. They may be beautiful in the eyes of many, but they will without a doubt keep peeling and falling off through time.

Size: 10mm x 10mm
Paper: White Card 150gsm
Binding: Multiple Folds
Printer: Cyberprint Group

Published in 2019
Bangkok, Thailand

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